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Religious Organizations

Mission Leage ( C M L )

In 1947, C M L Started at Bharananganam, aimed at fostering of missionary sprit and personality development of children. 'Love, Sacrifice, Service & Suffering' is the motto of this Organization. In 1950, a branch of this society started here. The members of this society try to see God in the poor, the sick and the destitute, and to serve them with a selfless mind. Through this league, we give medical aid for the sick, education aid for poor students and marriage aid for poor girls. We support the Sangli mission in Maharastra also.

 We conduct different seminars and camps in the parish for the all-round development of the children and help them to grow in communion and prayer experience. It also organizes different cultural and literary activities and competitions. We used to get prizes at diocesan and state festivals.

We started st.augustine’s C.M.L. stall in 2003. It aims at distributing religious and pious books and articles at moderate rate and to spend the money collected for the mission and for the poor. It also runs a Marriage Aid Fund to help poor girls. When they withdraw their account they are given an added help also. Every year the members of CML go for visiting houses and collecting agricultural products.

At present Rev.Dr. George Njarakunnel is the Patron and Rev.Fr. Mathew Ampazhthunkal is the Director.

Sr.Grace Mattom is the Vice Director, Shri. Saiju Thomas Kolathu , the President and Shri. Kiran Sibi Mulloor , the secretary

K C Y M - Kerala Catholic Youth Movement

KCYM is the official State/Regional Organization under KCBC Commission for youth. It is affiliated to the national youth body Indian Catholic Youth Movement or ICYM. The main aim of KCYM is "The Integral Development of The Catholic Youth and The Total Liberation of Human Society in accordance with the Christian values". It is to coordinate and empower the human potentials of youth based on the Gospel values, to make them effective agents of change in the socio-religious-political-economic and cultural reality of India, especially of Kerala through National integration. It also aims at making the youth committed to the serving mission of the Church to the least, last and the lost.

A K C C 

All kerala catholic congress is an organization of laity in the Syro Malabar church that works for protecting and upholding the socio , political , economic ,communal and religious interests of the members of the church. This organization promots interaction between church and public. It also aims to propagate the service of church as well as the implications of various developments and changes that affect the community . with these objectives in view AKCC organises conventions , conferences and various social service activities.

A unit of AKCC has been functioning at Ramapuram for decades. The organization has about hundred menbers.

President Secreatry

Saji Mittathani jobin P. Mathew 


Pithruvedi is an organization of the elders of the Parish of Ramapuram, strated in 2003with the following objectives in mind. It aims at the spiritual and temporal well being of the members of the parish community in general. The main focus is on the certain of a sense of awareness about the duties and responsibilities of the head of the family. For this purpose the organization offers great souls of the parish, in bygone years ,like Blessed Kunjachen; Gubernado Paremmackal Thoma Kathanar and other spiritual leaders. Basically the organization is a supporting hand to the vicar of the parish in his attempts to create a better Christian community with high moral and spiritual values.At present pithruvedi is ready to offer any help to the vicar’s needs in the construction of the new church. It has its patron , the vicar of the church and he is vested with the power and authority to accept or reject either partially or fully , the suggestion of the body. His decision in this regard would be final. Any head of the family who completes 30 years of age and living within the jurisdiction of the parish is eligible for membership. An elected body of office beares including a president , Secretary and treasurer manages the administration. It organizes seminars, discussions prayer meetings and so on every month for its members. They are always well attended. Presently , the organization has over one hundred members.

President : Thomas Madappattu
Secretary : Shaji Attupuram

INFAM ( Indian Farmers Movement )

INFAM is a voluntary organization established aiming at the prosperity of the agriculturists. Catholic church has always given much care towards the farmers as well as the working class. K S B C found that the lack of an organization to protect the interests of agriculturists and came forward to form infarm. The main objective of INFAM is to help the farmers to secure fair price for their products and to convert their crops to value added articles. INFAM has always been keen to promote farming and given respect to men who are active in farming. INFAM used to organize seminars, exhibitions etc to attract the new generation towards this noble profession. .

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary is the Glory of God through the Holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation , under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary and churches work of crushing the head of the serpent and advancing the reign of Christ. The first enrolment of legionaries of Mary took place at Miria house, Francis Street, Dublin, Irland, at 8P.M. on 7th Sept. 1921.It’s Founder is Frank Duff(1889-1980). Legion of Mary is founded at Ramapuram in 1959. This Presidium is called “Queen of Rosary”. Regular meeting of the presidium is conducted on every Wednesday after the Holy Mass. We have 26 regular members and 60 associate members.

Office Bearers
Spiritual Director : Rev Dr. George Njarakunnel
President : Sr. Celin Baby Kandathilkudilil
Vice President : Bro. Berthlom Mundackal
Secretary : Bro. John Nedumpallil
Treasurer : Sr. Rosakkutty Vadakkekureekatt


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