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St. Augustine's Forane Church

New Church - Work Progress

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Greetings From Vicariyachan..

When I thought of a new church the words of Prophet Haggai came to my mind "Thus says the Lord these people say, not now has the time come to rebuild the house of the Lord. Is it time for you to dwell in your own paneled houses, while the house of the Lord lies in ruins.... Go up to the hill country, bring timber and build the house of the Lord that I may take pleasure in it and receive my glory.(1:2-4)." These words of the Lord should touch our conscience. We have already started the construction and progressing well. we have to go a long way.

We have prepared the plan and estimate and got the necessary approval and sanction from the authorities concerned. The total expense initially calculated is Rs.12 crores. For St Augustines Parish with 1800 families, of these most of you are financially sound and this amount is not at all an impossible task. In all Christian churches people offer 10% of their income in support of the church. In European Church members pay religious tax.

I appeal to your good will and faith. I dont intend to impose any obligatory payment. Take the Church as your own House and give your offerings to God and Muthappan. We hope to finish the work in four years. I am sure when this Church is completed it will be one of the most beautiful and unique Churches in India, and a symbol of our faith and patrimony. I trust in your faith and generosity. Your offerings whether small or big is worth very much like the poor widows offerings.

Even for your small offerings, in return God will reward you in Hundred fold. May Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Muthappan and Kunjachan Bless you and your family.


Fr George Njarakkunnel


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