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January 1st, 

The circumcision of Infant Jesus. It is the most important feast of the parish. There is a Solemn High Mass followed by a homily and procession. All the statues in the Church are taken out for the procession. 

Sunday after January 20th

The feast of St. Sebastian is celebrated on the Sunday after January 20th. The second Mass is the special feast Mass. After that a procession carrying the statue of the Saint is taken out. 

Sunday after March 19th

The feast of St. Joseph is celebrated on the Sunday after March 19th. A procession is taken out after the High Mass.

Sunday after April 23rd

The feast of St. George, on the Sunday after April 23rd. After that a procession carrying the statue of the Saint is taken out. 

Palm Sunday 

Palm Sunday - In the middle of the Mass Palm leaves are blessed and a procession follows.

July 3rd - Dukhrana

July 3rd - 'Dukhrana' (remembrance) of St. Thomas the Apostle. The anniversary celebration of the Sunday School also take place that day.

Good Friday

Good Friday - In the morning there are rituals in remembrance of the Passion of Christ and via sacra, and a procession followed by kissing of the statue and drinking of bitter juice. In the afternoon a via sacra from Mullamattom, Pazhamala, Marangad, Amanakara and Vellilappilly reach the Church. After that a message of Passion is given. Then the faithful move in the way of the cross to the streets and return to the Church and the congregation is blessed.

Holy Saturday

There is blessing of new fire and new water, renovation of the rows of baptism and concelebrating of the Holy Mass.

Easter Sunday

The services start at 3 A.M. There is a procession, Solemm High Mass and a message of the Resurrection.

August 28th 

Feast of St. Augustine, patron of the parish. It is presided by novena and gospel message for nine days. On the eve of the feast there is Solemn High Mass, homily and procession. The same ceremonies are repeated on the feast day also. There is a custom among the faithful to carry small golden cross and chain in a plate, in procession and go round the tall granite cross in the front yard.

October 16th 

Death Anniversary of blessed Kunjachan . In preparation for it there is novena, Holy Mass, sermon for nine days. At 10 A.M on October 16th a Holy Mass celebrated by a Bishop. After the Mass prayer at the tomb followed by the blessing of the ritual meals.

Novena & Holy Mas on every saturday at 8. 30 am

November 21st 

Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Chandy Chittadiyil who died towards the end of the 19th century. For his services to the Church, he is remembered with a special Mass and ritual meals.

December 30 

In the evening there is a candle light procession reciting the Rosary, in preparation for the biggest feast of the parish. 

December 31st

There is solemn High Mass, gospal message and a grand procession through the town, followed by a brilliant display of fire works by different groups. At midnight there are year end prayers followed by New Year prayers.

There are also Novenas of Infant Jesus on Thursdays, of Our Lady of Perpetual successor on Saturdays.


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