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Sacred Heart Convent

Head of the Institution : Sr.Agi Maria , Ph : 04822-260276

Sacred Heart Convent Ramapuram Bazar P.O. Ramapura-686576


At the beginning of the 20th century the Church in Kerala felt the lack of a religious congregation for the common people for a dedicated life and for the care of the orphans. The sad plight of the young women eager to lead a dedicated life and yet denied admission to the existing religious communities in Kerala for their lack of sufficient education and inability to provide the required patrimony. The miserable condition of the neglected children and the aged destitute touched the servant of God Rev. Fr. Mathew Kadalikattil. He spent days and nights in prayer before the Lord seeking His Divine Will about them. A divine inspiration that came to him during the prayerful minutes he spent on his knees in front of the tabernacle one day; having the sole capital of trust in the divine providence, submitting unconditionally to the Will of God, Rev. Fr. Mathew gave shape to the Sacred Heart Congregation on 1st January 1911. Receiving four young women as members in a small house, in the parish of Pala, he consecrated that small community to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They accommodated a few destitute women too with them and cared for them.

Sacred Heart Congregation at RamapuramVettikuzhichalil Kunjanna, a widow who take interest to start this convent here. Rev. Fr. Thomas Kuzhumbil, Rev. Fr. George Naganoolil and the parish committee tried to establish this convent. On 1st October 1929, at the feast of St. Little Therese, a second branch of S.H. Congregation established here. The Heavenly Patron of this convent is St. Little Therese. They received and cared orphans and destitute with them. At present Rev. Sr. Mary Tom is the Superior of this convent and almost 40 sisters are working in different apostolic activities such as pastoral work, care of destitute, family apostolate and education.

Different Institutions related to this convent

a) St. Augustines Snehabhavan This institution is aided by Kerala government. Here is the convenience of about 75 orphans and poor children. This institution takes care of the physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and esthetical development of the children. Many of these students, who studied here, are in high positions. Rev. Sr. Janet, Sr. Rose Philip and Sr. Teseena are in charge of this institution.

Franciscan Clarist Novitiate house Vimalagiri

Head of the Institution : Nil , Ph : Nil



This house was inaugurated on 29th June 1955 and was blessed by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr.Sebastian Vayalil. From 1959 onwards the formation of the candidates is conducting here. Around 600 sisters got formation from here and they are doing their apostolate in different parts of the world. Attached to this house, there is a homeo dispensary to serve the poor people in this locality. There is also a semi public chapal and the present chaplain is Rev. Fr. Zacharias Madhurapuzha.

Carmelite Convent Ramapuram

Head of the Institution : Sr.Ancy CMC , Ph : 04822-260357

Carmelite Convent Ramapuram Bazar p. o. Ramapuram - 686576


There is a Carmelite Convent serving as a golden beacon emanating its brilliant radiance on the spiritual and social realms of Ramapuram. The convent was founded on 21st June 1921. From its humble beginning, by the grace of God, it grew and branched out establishing houses at Thudanganadu, Pizhaku and Neeranthanam. When the great visionary, Blessed Fr. Kuriakose Chavara, founded the CMC congregation at Koonammavu in 1866. He earmarked women empowerment as one of the objectives of the congregation. In compliance with this the CMC Convent Ramapuram started a middle school in 1922, which was upgraded to a high school in 1949. At present the house is running a Nursary School, a Lower Primary School, a High School and a Boarding house for girl students. Apart from this Educational Ministry the undertakes several other activities aimed at the all round developments of the people of Ramapuram. The house is proud of the thousands of dedicated people working allover the world, who are moulded and trained by this institution.

The Roman Catholic Church declares Fr. Augustine Thevaraparampil as Blessed on 30th April 2006. The CMC Convent got plenty of opportunities to co-operate with Kunjachan in his Dalit missionary activities and the congregation is quite proud of it. The house provides financial support to Dalit families, gives admission to Dalit students and help them to achieve excellence. Currently two senior members of the house are working fulltime in the office along with vice postulator Dr. Kurian Mathathu.

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